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This is a made in Ghana software too good to be true. Document Management Systems provide the ability to convert, store and share a variety of digital documents within a network.7.5% of all the documents get lost. Furthermore, 90% of these documents are shuffled, which leads to lost time. Interestingly, professionals spend 50% of their time looking for files but only 5% to 15% of their time reading the required information. Taking into account these statistics, consider a scenario where 500 hours are consumed in retrieving the information while only one fifth of that time is spent in reading the actual content. This scenario does not include 7.5% of the documents that will never be found again.

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  1. It is a made in Ghana product.imagine how easier it will be for a customer if they wanted to open an account with a company that provides the facility to upload the scanned documents. It may seem trivial but the implication has far reaching effects both on the individual and the company. In this case, the customer doesn’t have to worry about their important papers getting lost, while the company representatives are assured that they don’t have to retrieve tons of papers from the fax machines. Moreover, the personal information of that particular customer is only seen by the authorized individual, whereas the representatives are assured that there are no more shuffled papers.

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    This is a made in Ghana software too good to be true. Document Management...

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